The names Kennedy and I cry because of Lady Gaga and Fall Out Boy. I also play pokemon on a daily basis.

Heavy Metal Lover






this is it®

the gasps throughout the entire audience after she starts bleeding are fucking amazing

This changed everyone’s game

Fucking changed everything. No one gave a shit about those performances with just strobe lights and dancing girls they wanted something more after this. She made people work to get attention. Fuck your fave.

this is understandably my favorite performance by anyone ever.


Ok so here is the video of Gaga’s reaction when I flashed her my boobs

We were really close and I felt like she looked at me a bunch of times but there was no proof and she could be looking at anyone so I was like “I NEED TO BE NOTICED” like the little attention whore that I am. She came back to us a few times before I could actually do it. You can see that she walks more to our side when she says “nice titties young lady”

I am so glad that my friend was filming it (i didn’t tell him I was gonna do it) because no one would believe it if I said it lmao

So there you go, lady fucking gaga telling me I have nice titties at Staples Center 💁